Collection Construct and Auction Notes

The Timbaland NFT Producer Mix Series for Opera Noir has begun – the INITIAL AUCTION.  There are a total of 58 Music NFTs per song in this first drop – see Collection Construct below.  There are 7 total songs in the Opera Noir EP.

A total of 10 Music NFTs will be auctioned off initially – see Auction Notes below.  This initial auction begins November 2nd and will end on November 8th.

Then, after November 8th, additional Music NFTs form the Opera Noir EP will be dropped, including new song titles.

Collection Construct
Each Afrodite and BMW song has 5 NFT stems with varying editions
Stem #1 – Edition of 3
Stem # 2 – Edition of 5
Stem # 3 – Edition of 9
Stem # 4 – Edition of 15
Stem # 5 – Edition of 26Auction Notes:
Total NFTs on Initial Auction = 10

1x NFT for Stem #2 – Afrodite
2x NFTs for Stems #3 – Afrodite
2x NFTs for Stems #4 – Afrodite

1x NFT for Stem #2 – BMW
2x NFTs for Stems #3 – BMW
2x NFTs for Stems #4 – BMW*Note: for auctions where 2x NFTs being auctioned, top 2 bids will win.
*Timing – Initial Auction ends Monday, November 8th, 12:00pm EST.

Music NFT Remix Utility

 If you buy a Timbaland Music NFT, you will:

–          Be able to remix multiple tracks and make your own mixes as new Music NFTs (will require mixing tool which we expect to ship in a few weeks)

–          Get access to exclusive content including:

o   Additional exclusive Stem NFTs

o   Custom remixes

o   Music videos from the Opera Noir EP

–          Sell your own remixes on the secondary market

NFT Giveaway
For the Initial Auction – one Music NFT a day starting on Nov 4th until the last day of the Auction (Nov 8th) will be given away to an eligible entrant.
A total of 5 Timbaland Music NFTs (a mix of BMW Stem #5 and Afrodite Stem #5) will be reserved for the NFT Giveaway program associated with the Initial Auction. 

Giveaway Rules:

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