Always Believing FoundationEvery man asks himself, what matters to you? My answer is kids. My kids, kids from my neighborhood where I grew up, and the kids I have met around the world. They make me smile, keep me young and inspire me in mind, body, spirit and in my music.

People say it a lot but our kids are our future. I have been honored to travel to hundreds of countries and our kids need help. From hunger, to illness, to obesity, to childhood diseases their health begins with us – the caretakers and the champions.

My wife Monique and I created Always Believing for kids to have a chance. Each of us have a talent, mine is seeing music. Music is my blood – it has driven me to be a better husband, father and man. Music does not see color, country, religion, skinny, fat, rich or poor it is what rings in the hearts of our kids. It is our hope for all children to healthy, to live lives full of opportunity, hope and of course MUSIC.

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